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Custom Application Developoment

Radiant Technologies Custom Application Developoment

Radiant Technologies has a wide range of success stories in custom software development solutions using Microsoft technologies, Java and Open source LAMP stack with PHP as the core language. We have great knowledge in data management solutions and mobility solutions using C#, .Net, Java and PHP.

Radiant Technologies maintains a proven strategic focus on corporate commitment to the Microsoft .NET platform for application development — right from building new software products to enhancing existing solutions or migrating legacy systems ones.

Radiant Technologies has diversified expertise in Java and PHP programming such as designing, developing and maintaining a sheer number of rich internet applications and complex business applications

In 2005, we established a .NET Centre of Excellence (CoE). Since then, our elite consulting team has amassed extensive core knowledge and blended experience in .NET tools and languages, as well as. NET-based system architectures, application servers, and interactive web services.

Our software development knowledge at Java & PHP specialty center has the right mix of Java certified developers, solution architects, UX designers, certified project managers and dedicated QA team for our Open source application development department.

How we can help you using Microsoft Technologies:

  • To Design and develop iOS applications, Android Applications and Windows Mobile 7 and 8 applications using C# and .Net to get seamlessly connected to your existing C# and .Net applications using our proven expertise in Mono Touch for iOS and Mono for Android and Windows 7 Mobile and Windows 8 Mobile applications
  • To Design and develop Highly scalable, flawlessly secure and custom configurable .NET based Desktop, Web and cloud collaborated applications as well as solutions
  • To modernize your existing legacy applications by upgrading the versions using stable Java and PHP Application Development framework
  • To Migrate or to reengineer your web and productive desktop applications to .NET, Java and PHP
  • To develop easily distributed web, desktop and cloud system applications using .NET, Java and Web services (SOAP & REST)
  • To Develop mobile and PDA applications using .NET and Java
  • To integrate .NET and Java Applications with your enterprise systems for a better collaboration internally
  • To maintain and enhance your .NET & Java AApplications be it a legacy desktop or web app or cloud solution.
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